Annaul T-20 Cricket Match is being organized, this is to be played between District Governor’s Eleven and District 3272 Eleven in connection with the DISCON-2012 at Islamabad, on 30th March 2012 (9:00 Hours to 1300 Hours) both the teams will be selected from the cricket playing Rotarians, District Governor and RIPR will be introduced with both the teams at the ground before the match starts.


Rotary cricket is thriving in Pakistan

 As a result of an RI re-districting there are now two districts in Pakistan and Afghanistan, D3271 and D3272, as distinct from the single district, D3270, last year.

This meant two district conferences and two separate Rotary cricket fellowship matches at conference.   District 3271 covers the southern provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan while district 3272 includes Punjab, Khyber Pashtun and Afghanistan.

District 3271 held its game at the Karachi Gymkhana Ground on 18 March 2011 while district 3272 held its game at Model Town in Lahore on 25 March 2011.

Both games were successful.


Waiting to bat at the conference game.








 6th World Festival Durban South Africa 2010





Nalin from Sri Lanka with        Sajid and Razzaq at opening ceremony








5th World  Festival Colombo Sri Lanka 2007




Rotary Cricket is on the move in Pakistan.

The planned first game of Rotary cricket took place in conjunction with the District 3270 Conference on 23 April, 2004. The participants were teams from the North region of the district and the South region.

Also featured at the same conference was a presentation by Pakistani IFCR co-ordinator PP Sajid Pervaiz Bhatti which attracted much attention and led to the immediate recruitment of 34 new members.

Another move planned is to publish an article in the regional Rotary magazine outlining what our fellowship is all about.

Pakistan captain Sajid accepts his memento of the Feb. '04 Australia/India/Pakistan Friendship Tour match from district 3010 governor, Rajesh Batra