The Aussies came, conquered, and went home again in 2013 - now it is time for the 8th World Festival to descend on GB&I. We welcome IFCR friends from Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka to our shores.

We are nearly there! Final plans are in place to host the 8th World Festival of Cricket at Nottingham University between 13th to 19th July 2014

Join us as we entertain Cricket-loving Rotarians and there guests from across the globe.

Well Drilled Preparations for Vapi! - 7th World Festival

Saturday 21st January 2012 saw the first and last net session of 2012 featuring those Vapi tourists who felt they needed to impress the Chair of Selectors, "Stormin' Norman" more than others.

Obviously Rotarians such as Messrs Stirret, Hopkins, Mr Mikey, Gillingham, and Sperrings felt that their obvious natural talent meant that their attendance at such a prestigous trial was not required.

None other than the "Sir Richard Hadlee" suite of indoor nets at Trent Bridge, Nottingham was chosen for such fine athletes as John King, Gerald Anderson, Rupert Cox, Paul Walsh and Ganesh Ganesan to prove their worth to our Chairman, Secretary, Tour Manager and all round Good Egg, Norman Brown. A very dubious calf strain prevented Stuart Williamson from actively participating, although his observations of proceedings from the umpire's position were really valued by the gathered ensemble!!!!!

2 hours of blood, sweat and tears - even though we were ably assisted by 4 of Norman's ringers, meant that the first pint in the Trent Inn hardly touched the sides. Getting back to the changing room was the biggest challenge for Ganesh, complete with his new anti-cataract eyes. Having put in a masterful batting performance he tried to enter the broom cupboard as he got lost looking for the changing rooms!

Norman's Indian familiarisation programme then featured appropriate cultural refreshments at a curry house in downtown Nottingham made famous in "Gordon Ramsey's Nightmare Kitchens". Thankfully, the restaurant had taken Gordon's advice and we had a fantastic meal meaning that everyone, except the Burnley Basher, made breakfast on Sunday morning at 9am- although most were stiff in parts of their body that had not been stiff for years! News from Burnley suggests hotel rumblings in the early hours (not the aforementioned curry) meant that Basher fled to the peace and tranquility of Lancashire by dawn - lightweight!

AGM report

At the sparsely attended AGM held in the heart of the delightful Dorset countryside, Rt Norman Brown was duly re-elected as our Chairman and Secretary and after Rt Gerald Anderson reported a financial surplus on the accounts of a magnificant £37 it was only right and proper that he should be re-elected Treasurer.

The shy and retiring (probably the only GB&I IFCR member not retired) Rt Rupert Cox blinked and was elected webmaster. Thanks were minuted to Euan "Scotty" Stirrat for carrying out this most arduous of duties.

A plethora of hands went up as the Chairman sought volunteers to stand (or in most cases "sit") on the Committee - too numerous to mention here, so  IFCR is in safe hands for years to come.

Discussion ensued, led by "Rt Mr Mikey",  on increasing membership of IFCR, so a demonstration kwik cricket pack was ushered off to District 1200 (Roy, Mike and Rupert's Somerset) to try to enthuse other Rotarians to give cricket a go - this followed the debonair David Askin pulling a muscle taking gaurd during the in-door exhibition!

Future cricketing activity includes:-

2012 - 7th IRCR Festival in Vapi, India 

2013 - Hosting the Aussies in the UK 

2014 - Host the 8th IFCR Cricket Festival 

Thought was given to when GB&I might tour again, possibly to Australia for the Aussie IFCR Festival in October 2014.

We will convene again for more joviality during the weekend of 21st and 22nd January 2012 somewhere in the Midlands when we will drink beer or champagne; agree the way forward for the 8th Festival; and "have a net" ready for Vapi

From 19th - 25th February 2012 there will be the IFCR Seventh World Festival of Cricket, to be held in Vapi.  This is a little earlier than normal, but is expected to coincide with a member of the Rotary Club of Vapi holding the position as President of Rotary International. Vapi is located within easy driving distance north of Mumbai.  The hosts are promising a fabulous event.