The tour as seen through the eyes of Colin Duthie.


14/06/08   We arrived at Peterborough, Heathrow & Gatwick by various means of transport from where we were transported to Bourne. All met at the home of Norman & Liz Brown. Met members of the RC of Bourne at a Chinese evening. Excellent meal provided by the past president Joe Yau with lots of beer and fellowship - something that all Rotarians the world over enjoy.
Gordon & Lyn*; Barry & Marj*; Colin*; Garnet*; Gerald; George & Nancy*; Jack & Jenny; Clive; Godfrey & Jenny were all there.              Denis Wesley* and Jenny H are to join the tour on 17th June with Bruce the Kiwi & Peter the Swallow joining the tour on 23rd June.

Thought for the Day
:   All members, when returning to their respective clubs, are to endeavor to get a new member who must be Chinese.

                   *Attended the IFCR world tournament in Australia 2004.

15/06/08     Leisurely Sunday. The hardy members; Gordon, Clive & Gerald went off to play golf @ 07:30a.m at the Toft Golf Club while the rest had time with their host families. Glorious day with lovely sunshine. Most families took their SA visitors to the Bourne Motor Racing Club Classic Car & Bike Show. []

16/06/08     First match of the tour vs. Bourne @ the Abbey Lawns.(Also the home ground of the Motley Crew Cricket Club). Bourne Cricket Club was founded in 1803 which makes it older than Lords. After a photo shoot, South Africa was invited to bat first and in the first 20 overs yielded a modest total of 74 for 3 wickets. We then were given a scrumptious lunch which I expect was a deliberate move to slow us down. When Bourne batted they scored 87 runs for 4 wickets. Our bowlers were severely hampered by having to bowl through driving rain for most of the 20 overs. Tea was then enjoyed which consisted of tea and cake and this slowed the South Africans down even more.

South Africa then resumed their innings and ended up with 159. Bourne then proceeded to get the required runs with 3 balls to spare. A close game but as skipper Garnet Carr said, “It is customary for Rotary South Africa to lose the first match. We can only improve thereafter”. There was a clever ploy by Norman Brown who found an expat, Stephen Stasiak to play for us. Norman even allowed Stephen to clean bowl him. This impressed us and Stasiak was signed on to play for us in the Test. The mayor of Bourne joined us for supper at the clubhouse. During the meal, Garnet Carr read a letter from the mayor of Cape Town, Helen Zille, addressed to the mayor of Bourne. Gordon Dowsett made a memorable speech. Norman Brown was presented with a plaque that will, no doubt, find a place among his superb collection of cricketing memorabilia. It was good meeting up with Eric Hill who has toured South Africa twice and David Worker. This was the one ground were the pavilion was packed.

Match Stats: SA IFCR 159 for 4 (Clive Hull 41 retired; Gerald Sieberhagen 40 ret; Garnet Carr 42 ret; Charles Hirons 2 for 15) Bourne 160 for 6 (Eric Hill 40 ret; Barry Parker 40 ret; Sieberhagen 2 for 25).

With our fast bowling hope, Jack Hydes, having trouble with his run up, something he marked out regularly in the build up to the tour, we definitely lacked a fast bowler.

We were most fortunate to have kit sponsored by Gunn & Moore – our thanks go to Edward Lowy of Unicorn Products for this. At the end of the tour the kit was donated to needy schools in the Bourne area.

17/06/08   Morning at leisure with the host families. Clive and I were fortunate to spend time with the legendary John & Margaret Sismey, a renowned racing family who go back to the Graham Hill racing era. We then attended the lunchtime meeting of Bourne rotary club-a good time was had by all. We departed after 2p.m to Newport. All in the bus remarked that Bourne Rotary club did a fantastic job in organizing the cricket and the hosting of the rotary members from S.A. Hats off especially to Norman and Liz Brown.

Thought for the Day:   All clubs to seriously consider recruiting a chinaman into      rotary.


17/06/08   Left Bourne rather late in two coaches on the 100+ mile trip to Newport. Arrived a bit stiff from the previous day’s game of cricket.  Met the host Rotarians and off Barry, Marg and I went to Keith & Irene Castle who went overboard to see to our comfort. Everybody had a good night’s sleep and the team was pleased to see our old friend David Askins. Denis Wesley and Clive Hull’s wife Jenny joined us today.

18/06/08     After a leisurely morning the team were transported by coach to the RAF base and museum at Cosford. This included the newly opened Cold War Exhibition. [ is worth looking up] A good lunch was enjoyed at the Bell Pub. Unfortunately due to the adverse weather, the trip to David Austin Roses was cancelled.   The team then returned to their host families to enjoy an afternoon of leisure. That evening the team attended a rotary meeting at Newport club.

19/06/08     It was good to meet up with Phil Stephenson who has toured South Africa twice and Stuart Williamson for the second match of the tour against District 1210 at Newport. They only had 9 players and after winning the toss made 115 for 1 after 20 overs. South Africa replied with 92 for 2 after 20 overs. After lunch it was decided that South Africa would continue to bat as the Newport bowlers could cramp up. This was another clever ploy and we also had to supply them with a fielder as they were short. South Africa then progressed to 139 after a further 15 overs and when they batted again they passed our score after 7 overs.

Match Stats: SA IFCR 139 for 6. [Clive Hull 36 ret; George Tzemis 28 ret and Barry Wilson 28 not out David Ryder 2 for 22. District 1210 -140 for 2 [Alan Russell 31 ret; Stuart Williamson 33 ret; Brian Dodd 35 retd) 

How we need bowlers!”-At the end of the day once again Rotary and fellowship were the winners.    By now Nancy Tzemis, after training by Sue Askins, was a competent scorer.   

Thought of the Day: Younger fast bowlers are required in the South African IFCR team.  

20/06/08     Rotarians from South Africa plus a few of their hosts were taken on a trip to Ironbridge Gorge, a World Heritage Site. This is the birthplace of the industrial revolution. We then went to Blists Hill, where a Victorian Town has been recreated. The Victorian village was extremely interesting. Locals dressed in Victorian clothes manned the shops and businesses. At Lloyds Bank, which was the first stop, you could exchange money for replica tokens of old money; a farthing cost 10p; a ha’penny 20p; a penny cost 40p and a tickey cost 1Pound 20. How money has devalued over the past 100 years!   There was an open air Shakespearean play and our own Dennis Wesley had a starring role. This was quite appropriate as Dennis was in charge of entertainment on the tour. Alas, this was the beginning an end of the Tour Entertainment arranged by Dennis. Lunch was at the Forest Glen Refreshment Pavillion where we all enjoyed good food and drink. We then proceeded to the New Inn Public House and enjoyed an excellent sing-along with the Shakespearean cast. Leading our singers were Gerald, Dennis, Nancy, George [most important to have him around as he controlled the “kitty”] Marj and myself. A few bitters were sunk along with one Cockburns port. []

That evening a delicious buffet supper was served at David and Sue Askins 350 year old manor house. All the cricketers plus a few wives enjoyed the evening. A big thank you to David and Sue and the Rotary club of Newport for an excellent few days thoroughly enjoyed by the South Africans.

Thought for the Day:    The English tend to look after and maintain their old heritage; we tend to break it down.

21/06/08   We departed for Weston-super-mare at 9h00 via Stratford on Avon where we had a lunchtime stop. The South Africans walked around the town stopping @ William Shakespeare’s quaint little house.   The team spent the first night at the Queenswood Hotel and all went to a Greek restaurant for a meal that night.    The town of Weston-super-mare is situated on the Bristol Channel and on a clear day one can see Cardiff in Wales. The sea is brown and the tide goes out four miles every day.

22/06/08    A leisurely morning on our own then at 12:30p.m we were taken by coach to Axbridge where we saw King John’s hunting lodge which dated back to 1500 [] or a few years earlier and then enjoyed a welcome drink at the Lamb Inn in the village. Thereafter we went to a 900year old building full of relics and skeletons from days of yore.   The Newcastle Rotarians were then happy to meet up with Dave and Sharon Kobrin; ex members of the Newcastle Majuba club who now reside in the UK near Coventry. We then went to the village of Siscombe for lunch and a game of skittles in the pub. Gordon’s team won the game by default or by some very calm skitteling by the last player, Jenny Hydes. It was then back to the Queenswood Hotel for some, while the rest were taken by their host family to enjoy a leisurely afternoon. []

Thought for the Day
:   Skittles is definitely a lot more difficult to play than it looks.

23/06/08     The South Africans had a quiet morning and proceeded by coach to the Weston-super-mare cricket field where we met many of the UK cricketers who were holding their trials to select a team to play us in the Test on the next day.     We proceeded by coach to Cheddar caves and gorge and viewed the largest gorge in the UK [] a few caves and cheese shops. Thereafter we proceeded to Wells and viewed the Wells Cathedral, a magnificent cathedral dating back to circa 1230. []. We then proceeded to Glastonbury, the hippy capital of the UK, where preparations for the Glastonbury Festival were in full swing. More than 150,000 people were expected to attend. We saw some very weird people who had already arrived for the festival that started the next day. We also saw the ruins of an Abbey destroyed by Henry VIII because it was Roman Catholic. [] Then we returned to the Weston-super-mare cricket ground for a most enjoyable barbecue.

Thought for the Day:    One church/cathedral is beginning to look the same as the last one.

24/06/08  After a quiet and thoughtful breakfast a sombre crowd left the Queenswood Hotel for the Weston-super-mare cricket field for the Test against the GB&I IFCR team for the Castle Ashes. Because the selectors of the GB&I team were unable to settle on the final team to play against South Africa, they cunningly suggested that they field two teams to play against the South African team who by now were nursing several injuries. Jack Hydes was heard to say that at this stage the biggest enemy was ones own body. Be that as it may, SA batted first and for 20 overs faced the bowlers from team A. Then SA bowled to GB&I team A. Then the fresh bowlers of GB&I team B bowled a further 16 overs to SA. Thereafter SA bowled to the fresh batsmen of GB&I team B. The scoreboard showed that GB&I needed 2 runs victory. George Tzemis sportingly bowled a long hop to Phil Stevenson who scored the required 2 runs – the teams shook hands and left the field. However, Nancy the scorer, indicated that the scores were in fact tied but no one was prepared to go out and continue, but being the fine sportsmen that they are SA agreed that the GB&I team would win the trophy.

Although we had the services of expat Steve Stasiak from Bourne and with the arrival of Bruce Heather, from Wellington, a suburb south east of Durban and “swallow” Peter Pettigrew [he spends 6 months at Selborne in KZN each year] our bowling was poor.  How we missed a few fast bowlers. We also welcomed supporters and friends of Gerald from the Rotary Club of Kew Gardens, Chris Langley and Sue Sheffer. Sue is a physiotherapist and everyone seemed to develop some sort of ailment that required her services. That evening both teams and their spouses were hosted at the local golf club for a formal dinner. Plaques were presented to Steve Webber; Mike Jackson; Keith Hopkins and Gerald Anderson. Godfrey Van Graan took ill and was taken to the Weston- super-mare hospital for a check up. Thank goodness all was clear and it did not take the hospital staff long to find out that he was a malingerer who needed a bed for the day.   The South Africans were happy to meet our old friends who toured South Africa in 2005 namely Roy Sperring, Mike Gillingham and Alan Cox.

Match Stats: SA IFCR 154 for 9 [Barry Wilson 35 ret; Dennis Wesley 23; Colin Duthie 14 not out; H Johnson 2 for 3] GB&I 154 for 2 [Mike Jackson 37 ret; B Raines 36 ret; Phil Stephenson 25 not out]

Thought for the Day: It is not how you play the game or who won, but in what spirit it was played and who drank the most beer; the team that pulled the least muscles controlled the high ground.

25/06/08  A mixed 20/20 pick-up game was played @ Weston-super-mare ground. The result was of no real consequence. The game commenced at 10:30a.m and finished at 2p.m. Barry Wilson 35 ret and Gordon Dowsett 28 did well. A few of the tour party visited Godfrey Van Graan at the local hospital to assist the staff to eject him as they needed his bed. We were all happy to hear that he had no serious ailments. The coach then picked us up at 4:35p.m and took us to Somerton. This was real luxury – a 56-seater bus for 7 of us.

 In the evening we played skittles at the Pike & Muskett, in Walton. The winners were the popular pairing of Roy Sperring & Nancy zemis. Roy had the only “spare” of the evening and Nancy followed up a zero with a full house 9. Rotarian friends of Gerald, Mike & Glenda Smith, who earlier this year went to South Africa on a Friendship Exchange, paid us a surprise visit and also spent the next day at the cricket where Mike did a stint of umpiring.

Thought for the Day:    Do you think that skittles would be popular in South Africa as a bar game?

26/06/08    The South African cricketers were all home hosted. Sherrie-jane and Peter Jackson hosted Gerald & myself in their 400 year old home in High Ham. Sherrie-jane is a panty and bra fitter, I tried very hard to get her to employ me as her apprentice, but to no avail. [Go to]. The cricket match was held @ Glastonbury. This was the final game of the tour. The match started at 10:30 and finished at 16:00 as the field was booked for 16h15 for another match. South Africa batted first and made 107 runs for 2 wickets in 20 overs The District 1200 [they had 6 players from one club] team then batted and made 114 runs for 5 wickets in their 20 overs. After lunch South Africa took their score to 184 and District 1200 passed the score with a few overs to spare. Once again the South African team proved to be gracious losers.

Match Stats: SA IFCR 184 for 4 [Barry Wilson 36 ret; Gordon Dowsett 34 not out; Garnet Carr 33 ret] District 1200 – 185 for 5 [Steve Webber 29 not out; N Whigham 27 ret; Alan Cox 25 not out; Roy Sperring 25. Bruce Heather 2 for 30]

After the match Gordon Dowsett made a memorable speech. A plaque was presented to Lynne Gillingham. Gordon Dowsett was presented with the autographed bat in appreciation for all he has done over the years to promote the IFCR in South Africa.          
That evening Gerald and I attended the Rotary Club of Langport & Somerton meeting with Sherrie-jane & Peter where we exchanged banners.

27/06/08   Today was moving day and several of the touring team opted to depart for their next activity. I am told that Garnet Carr, Gordon and Lyn Dowsett, Clive & Jenny Hull; Gerald Sieberhagen; George & Nancy Tzemis and Barry & Marj Wilson traveled to Bath by coach. They had a wonderful day and were joined by Garnet’s partner Helen Basset who had been traveling in the UK.
Lynne Gillingham hosted a most enjoyable farewell party. Gordon Dowsett made a memorable speech and announced his retirement from cricket. Garnet Carr also made a memorable speech.

The purpose of the tour was twofold; firstly to tour the UK in response to the UK IFCR tour to South Africa in 2006 and secondly to publicize the next World Festival of Cricket Loving Rotarians to be held in Durban from Sunday 7th to 13th March 2010.
Thanks to the tour coordinator Gordon Dowsett, to Gerald Sieberhagen for all the organizing and all the touring Rotarians who made the trip a success. But most of all, thanks to Keith Hopkins, chairman of GB&I IFCR and his coordinators for all their hard work. At the end of the day IFCR cricket, fellowship, keeping up with old friends in the UK and making many new friends was the winner.

Thought for the Day:    Wouldn’t it be marvellous if ALL cricket loving Rotarians in South Africa joined the South African International Fellowship of Cricketing Rotarians where Life Membership costs a mere R100.


                          GARNET CARR (R/C Newlands)

                          BARRY WILSON (R/C Newcastle)

                                       COLIN DUTHIE (R/C Newcastle)

                          GERALD SIEBERHAGEN (R/C Umhlanga)

                          CLIVE HULL (R/C Umhlanga)

                          GEORGE TZEMIS (R/C Algoa Bay)

                          GODFREY VAN GRAAN (R/C Algoa Bay)

                                       DENNIS WESLEY (R/C Hillcrest)

                          JACK HYDES (R/C Somerset West)

                          BRUCE HEATHER (R/C Wellington, NZ)

                          PETER PETTIGREW (Guest Player)

                                      STEVE STASIAK (Guest Player)

                                     JAMIE BODEN (Guest Player)

Average age of the team – 65 years



                            LYN DOWSETT

                    MARJ WILSON

                                        JENNY HULL    

                      NANCY TZEMIS

                                       JENNY VAN GRAAN

                          JENNY HYDES

                          ANN PETTIGREW

                                                   HELEN BASSET