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IFCR India celebrates Independence Day, Colombo 2007

India has been a cricket loving, cricket crazy country for generations. Sachin Tendulkar is next only to God. So were the spin trio (Bedi, Prasanna, Chandrashekar), Gavaskar and Azharuddin in their hey-days. You must see the over 100,000 strong Calcutta crowd screaming their heads off in support of the home team to believe the frenzy. We tend to celebrate Indian victories with National holidays. If India loses, we go into mourning.

It is no wonder that PRIP Rajendra Saboo suggested that cricket be played amongst Rotarians from different countries, as a means to promote fellowship. When IFCR formally started its international cricketing activities, Indian teams were only too willing to participate.


The first IFCR Festival of Cricket at Fordingbridge, U.K, in 1997, saw two teams from India participating - one from District 3230 in Chennai and another from Baroda, Gujarat.

India hosted the second festival in Chennai in 1999, where teams from Australia, New Zealand, U.K. and Sri Lanka participated, apart from teams from Bangalore/Mysore.

Five Indian teams participated in the third IFCR Festival in 2002 in New Zealand. Teams from Chennai, Bangalore/Mysore, Pune and two teams from Gujarat spent two glorious weeks taking in the sights of New Zealand and playing cricket at Christchurch.

Sarathy accepts the post of editor for India

Rtn Sarathy in Hyderabad has agreed to act as Webmaster for IFCR India from the start of November 2008.  He is adding much new material.


New IFCR Website

Welcome to the new IFCR website.  Building on the tremendous work by Richard Groom in developing the original site, the new Mk III version is being managed by Robert Lee in New Zealand, with Richard Groom continuing to handle all the Australian section, Euan Stirrat editing for GB&I, Rtn.Sarathy for India and John Dean for New Zealand.  Editors for the other countries are yet to be appointed.  Richard will also deal with most of the International input.

The new site can handle scores, statistics and databases, which will run on Robert Lee's systems.  It is a decision for each member country as to whether or not to publish detailed scores

The new website allows greater flexibility and will be extended to include more information than ever before.  However, we gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Rotarian Andrew Donald of www.motile.net in designing, developing and hosting earlier versions of the site, without which the new site might not exist.

It will also tie in with the Yahoo! Group (contact Ravi to join).  Members who wish to keep up to date are encouraged to join the group


Mike Jackson, IFCR World Chairman, attended the meeting of the RI Fellowships Committee in Chicago in early January, and reported on it to the GB&I Committee in Glasgow on 13 January.  He found the visit to RI "very stimulating"  and later wrote to RI Fellowships Convenor Abe Gordon "It goes without saying that I found the whole experience very enjoyable and I thank you for all the work you did to make it happen. 

When I returned I then had to fly up to Glasgow for IFCR GB&I committee meeting. Within IFCR each country operates its own committee to run affairs. I was able to report on my visit and all the good things that may emerge. I clearly inspired my colleagues because I persuaded them to make a $10,000 contribution to Foundation.  It is being given to RIBI towards a National Immunisation Day in India in April.  I have checked that it will help towards the match on the $100million from the Gates Foundation. 

Having the whole picture on this helped me to make the link. India is the largest cricket playing country in the world and our start may well extract more money from our Indian colleagues." 

The donation was reported to Abe Gordon, Convenor of the RI Fellowships Committee, who immediatley passed on the news to RI President Wilf Wlkinson, remarking.  "Sometimes I wonder how effective we are as we do our Rotary Service.  $10,000.00 from this group and proves that Fellowships not only engenders fellowship, but can generate financial support for our Polio program."




Mike Jackson (in GB&I red bazer, with Wilf Wilkinson & RI Fellowships Committee

Mike Jackson (in distinctive IFCR GB&I red blazer) with RI President Wilf Wilkinson and RI Fellowships Committee

Extracts from press release by GB&I Committee

"The RIBI-sponsored Sub-National Immunisation day in India, which is planned to take place in April this year, received a boost in January with a donation of £5,000 from the Great Britain & Ireland branch of the International Fellowship of Cricket Loving Rotarians (IFCR).
The Immunisation Day has been adopted by RIBI, who are aiming to raise £100,000 towards the £150,000 cost of supporting it through Polio Plus Partners. The balance will be met through matching funds from the Rotary Foundation.
Since its inception in 1993 IFCR has given over £100,000 to Rotary humanitarian projects in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa and Fiji. These have arisen because of contacts made whilst touring the countries and playing cricket.
IFCR World Chairman, Mike Jackson from the Rotary Club of Fordingbridge commented that whilst the Rotary Fellowships exist primarily for Rotarians to share their common hobbies and interests, this donation also shows that they remain true to the philosophy of Rotary and are eager to do good in the World.
IFCR is one of the largest and most successful of the Rotary Fellowships. It arranges Cricket Festivals around the World every two or three years and in non-festival years touring sides visit other countries to play cricket.  In GB&I there has been a 2/3 day festival in each of the last seven years affording the opportunity for members to play against Rotarians from other parts of the country.  Tours to New Zealand, Australia and South Africa are planned for the next 3 years. 

As may be expected, most players are now well past their prime but make up in enthusiasm what they now lack in agility. Membership is open not only to playing members but to anyone who shares a love of and enjoys watching the game."