Charitable Objectives of GB&I

(copy of a feature by David Askin for Rotary Magazine)


The RIBI-sponsored Sub-National Immunisation day in India, which is planned to take place in April this year, received a boost in January with a donation of £5,000 from the Great Britain & Ireland branch of the International Fellowship of Cricket Loving Rotarians (IFCR).
The Immunisation Day has been adopted by RIBI, who are aiming to raise £100,000 towards the £150,000 cost of supporting it through Polio Plus Partners. The balance will be met through matching funds from the Rotary Foundation.
Since its inception in 1993 IFCR has given over £100,000 to Rotary humanitarian projects in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa and Fiji. These have arisen because of contacts made whilst touring the countries and playing cricket.
IFCR World Chairman, Mike Jackson from the Rotary Club of Fordingbridge commented that whilst the Rotary Fellowships exist primarily for Rotarians to share their common hobbies and interests, this donation also shows that they remain true to the philosophy of Rotary and are eager to do good in the World.
IFCR is one of the largest and most successful of the Rotary Fellowships. It arranges Cricket Festivals around the World every two or three years and in non-festival years touring sides visit other countries to play cricket. In GB&I there has been a 2/3 day festival in each of the last seven years affording the opportunity for members to play against Rotarians from other parts of the country. Tours to New Zealand, Australia and South Africa are planned for the next 3 years.
As may be expected, most players are now well past their prime but make up in enthusiasm what they now lack in agility. Membership is open not only to playing members but to anyone who shares a love of and enjoys watching the game.





IFCR GB&I donated $2000 worth of cricket equipment to local schools in Colombo, Sri Lanka following the IFCR World Festival there in August 2007. The two Festival auctions in Sri Lanka raised over $13,000, with some purchases being made by GB&I members. Cricket memorabilia, including bats autographed by famous players, jewellery donated by Careems Jewellers, and gem-studded silver elephants donated by ZAM Gems, all attracted strong bidding.

At the IFCR General Meeting in Sri Lanka in August 2007, GB & I committed to make a substantial donation to an IFCR project to raise $25,000, possibly enhanced by matching grants, to provide basic water supplies, sanitation and essentials for Primary Schools in deprived areas of Sri Lanka.  Detailed proposals are to be presented by IFCR member, and District Governor Elect, Nalin Fernando.

At the IFCR GB&I AGM in June 2007, members authorised the GB&I Committee to identify and donate substantial reserve funds to appropriate charities. Approximately one quarter of the GB&I charity fund will be earmarked for UK projects, with the remainder for overseas projects, preferably associated with IFCR members in recipient countries, especially where the donation can be increased by RI Matching Grants.

Specifically, the members approved a proposal that a donation be made to The Primary Club, the cricketers’ charity for the blind and partially sighted.  Further information is available in their Newsletter, and proposals for a specific project or projects to be supported by IFCR GB & I are awaited from the Primary Club.

The Committee will consider other proposals. Members wishing to propose suitable causes should contact Euan Stirrat.

 The GB&I members have supported fundraising activities at the World Festivals, notably in Christchurch 2002 when a set of autographed World Cup 1999 bats donated by Scottish Cricket Union to the GB&I team raised over £4000, distributed among a New Zealand charity, Cricket Scotland's youth development programme, and CHAS, the Childrens' Hospice Association for Scotland.