Our Australian Fellowship

We, in Australia, have been participants in IFCR through all of its existence. We are proud that the Melbourne Rotary International Convention was the occasion when the formal foundation of our Fellowship took place.

Since then we have enjoyed a continuous program of activities on all levels of IFCR, both international, national and local.

These meetings of our members have given us the opportunity to indulge in our passion for cricket, enjoy the friendship and fellowship of our colleagues and extend our Rotary service.

We want all Rotarians in Australia who are interested in cricket, either on the playing field or just as enthusiasts, to know that they can participate with us and gain the same benefits as present members.

It’s so easy to join us. All you need to do is to contact the national secretary, Richard Groom. You can do this by mail to his address, 18 Chatham Road, Canterbury, Victoria, 3193, by telephone to 03 9836 2516 or by email to rgroom@iinet.net.au   He will be very pleased to give you any information you require about IFCR.