History of IFCR in New Zealand


The progress of our unique International Rotary Cricket fellowship in New Zealand can be attributed with appreciation to the efforts of many wonderful Rotarians. They are all worthy of mention:

1994 Australasian Tour to England. Aussies and Brian Morgan (on shoulders) celebrate Gordon Fenwick and his 1994 Australasian touring team to England who upon their return sowed the seeds for IFCR growth “Down Under”. The 1994 tour to England was an Australasian team (not an Australian team), thanks to the presence and prior legwork of a fellow called Brian Morgan.


1994 Australasian Tour to England. Aussies and Brian Morgan (on shoulders) celebrate


The support and encouragement throughout from IFCR International President Geoffrey Pike and Secretary Michael Jackson RDU Editor Bob Aitken and the contribution of the whole Rotary Down Under Team for the wonderful fellowship reports throughout.

When NZIFCR was established Brian Morgan was the Secretary from inception until March 2003 when he stood down and John Dean took over. It is doubtful that there would be an NZIFCR without the untiring efforts of Brian. At that meeting, Brian was elected Foundation President of NZIFCR, and a Life Member of the Fellowship

The many New Zealand IFCR District and Local IFCR organisers from throughout our country for generously giving their time when caring for International IFCR visiting groups.

Bevan Congdon and Tom White for leading our first New Zealand IFCR group to New South Wales and Queensland in 1997.

Brian Doherty and Warren Bampton organizers of the First Australian IFCR group to visit New Zealand in February 1998.

MN Prasad from Bangalore who organized the first ever IFCR group from Southern India to visit New Zealand in February 1998.


Kiwis perform haka at District 3190 Conference, Bangalore, India


Robert Armstrong, Manager of the New Zealand IFCR group who led a return visit to Southern India and the WRCF 1999 in Chennai.

PDG Kittu and PS Sridharan plus their tremendous organizing WRCF committee for all their good work in providing such a wonderful International Rotary Fellowship occasion at Chennai.

The visiting IFCR groups from both the United Kingdom and Australia who toured New Zealand in the new millennium year of 2000. Tour leaders Michael Jackson and Peter Daly fostered the goodwill of our Fellowship throughout.


Touring NZIFCR Team at Lords June 2001


The wonderful teamwork team work shown by The Christchurch WRCF 2002 Festival committee and the support given from throughout New Zealand when providing for all our international visitors.

New Zealand’s second IFCR visit to Australia visiting throughout Victoria and Country NSW led by John Hannah in 2002.

A third New Zealand group visit to Australia in September 2003 led by NZ IFCR Secretary John Dean and Tour Manager Paul Warren playing matches throughout Queensland and Bundaberg.

Currently NZ IFCR has some 96 fellows on its database Thanks to the efforts of a hard core of enthusiastic fellows we have developed an infrastructure which will enable us to further develop the fellowship.

Current challenges include getting IFCR established in more regions/districts around NZ and having more overseas tours