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GB&I Tour of New Zealand February & March 2008

Match Summaries from David Askin

GB&I 163-7 (30 overs) . S Williamson 33 ret. C Rudge 30 ret. D Worker 31 ret
Auckland 165-2 (29 overs)
Mount Manganui
GB&I 156 (40 overs). S Williamson 40 ret.
Mount Manganui 158-7 (37 overs) R Sperring 3-9 M Gillingham 2-36
New Plymouth
New Plymouth 166 (40 overs) M Gillingham 3-13
GB&I 160 (40 overs)   S Williamson 30 ret. D Askin 30 ret   D Worker 30 ret.
IFCR Australia/NZ 169-7 (40 overs) M Quinn 2-35 M Jackson 2-33 D Worker 2-27
GB&I 159 (40 overs) S Williamson 40 ret. C Rudge 41 ret .
GB&I 183-7 (40 overs) M Jackson 43 ret.
IFCR NZ 184-7 (39.2 overs) M Jackson 3-14
Ashburton 119 (40 overs) D Askin 3-2 C Rudge 2-12
GB&I 120-5 (28 overs) D Worker 39 ret.
Wellington 197-4 (40 overs)
GB&I 179-8 D Worker 41 ret

Great Britain & Ireland 2008 Tour Report

Three weeks in February-March this year saw a group of 24 members of the International Fellowship of Cricket Loving Rotarians from Great Britain and Ireland (GB&I IFCR) tour new Zealand.  They played six games in total, being home hosted by members of the New Zealand International Fellowship of Cricket Loving Rotarians (NZIFCR) and other rotary members and friends in each location. They played games at Derek Evennettís own oval, at Matapihi in Mount Maunganui at a ground owned by Neil Craig, in New Plymouth, in Christchurch, Ashburton and Wellington.

The First Game Traditional IFCR Pre-matchToast at Derek Evennett Oval
Kiwis on the left ñ Poms on the right

During the first weekend of March, GB&I IFCR were hosted in Christchurch during the annual NZIFCR North-South Weekend.  A group of 14 members from Australia also attended this weekend.  Again, home hosting for all was organised by our Christchurch hosts.

IFCR is one of the great fellowships in Rotary.  It has members in almost every cricket playing country in the world.  Members have two great things in common: Rotary and Cricket.  Through the latter they meet each other on a regular basis in different parts of the world, and make and renew friendships, some of which have been sustained now since the inception of the Fellowship in 1994

IFCR is the only team fellowship in Rotary.  It offers Rotary members who have an interest in cricket an ideal way of meeting Rotary members in other countries.  It has proved an ideal vehicle for a number of different Rotary projects throughout the world, which has originated from exchanges of ideas between members of the Fellowship.


GB&I Members Learning About NZ Hydrangea Exports        Days of Endless Summer


David Workerís Trout                                                           North South Dinner

Farewell to Brian Morgan

We are sorry to report that one of the original driving forces of IFCR and President of NZIFCR, Brian "Stumbles" Morgan, died on the afternoon of 22 September.    IFCR sends its condolences.

The opposition's appeal against the light has been upheld by the Third Umpire.  The man who played to win and accepted losses graciously whilst enjoying the camaraderie of cricket and all that our fellowship had to offer is back in the pavilion.

Tribute - Brian Morgan



 New IFCR Website

Welcome to the new IFCR website.  Building on the tremendous work by Richard Groom in developing the original site, the new Mk III version is being managed by Robert Lee in New Zealand, with Richard Groom continuing to handle all the Australian section, Euan Stirrat editing for GB&I, Rtn.Sarathy for India and John Dean for New Zealand.  Editors for the other countries are yet to be appointed.  Richard will also deal with most of the International input.

The new site can handle scores, statistics and databases, which will run on Robert Lee's systems.  It is a decision for each member country as to whether or not to publish detailed scores

The new website allows greater flexibility and will be extended to include more information than ever before.  However, we gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Rotarian Andrew Donald of www.motile.net in designing, developing and hosting earlier versions of the site, without which the new site might not exist.

It will also tie in with the Yahoo! Group (contact Ravi to join).  Members who wish to keep up to date are encouraged to join the group


On a visit to Chicago in January for the RI Fellowship Committee IFCR Chairman Michalel Jackson took part in a presentation from the Foundation Chairman Robert Scott about the $100 million gift from Bill Gates to help Rotary continue its excellent work on Polio. He explained the big job he now had to get the Rotary movement to match that effort over the next three years.

A few days later the IFCR GB&I committee met in Glasgow and discussed its surplus IFCR funds. It did not take long to agree that IFCR GB&I should help the cause. As a result it donated US$10,000.00 to RIBI to help with an immunisation day in India in April.  This also helps go towards the US $100 million Rotary has resolved to raise in the three years beginning January 2008 to match the same sum it has received from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Polio Eradication.

IFCR has had many thanks from RI and the Foundation and IFCR has now been recognised as a Major Donor. IFCR is the first RI Fellowship to receive this recognition. NZIFCR has played in a part in this donation through its visits to Great Britain and its participation in the World Festivals held every four years.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of IFCR is its promotion of home hosting of visiting IFCR members.  New Zealand has been home hosted in recent years in Australia several times, in India and in England.  We tried a couple of years ago to arrange for a group from Pakistan to tour New Zealand.  However, the issue of visas caused a problem.  We are still working on that.

Hosting promotes great understanding between international members and is the source of many long standing friendships.  At local Rotary meetings and around the dining room table ideas about past and future Rotary projects are discussed, promoted, shared and mooted.  Over the years a number of successful IFCR projects have been undertaken in India, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.

Every four years of so, IFCR has a world festival.  Last year it was in Sri Lanka. The next festival is in Durban in March 2010.  Prior to that, NZIFCR is touring South Western Australia in April this year.

In October this year, Australia has a mini festival in Bundaberg.  NZIFCR will be arranging for a tour party to attend this week long festival, with the tour commencing the week prior starting in Cairns.  Any Rotary members are most welcome to join NZIFCR and partake in IFCR activities.  Many wives and partners of cricketers, now playing from memory, thoroughly enjoy being part of the Fellowship; and provide valuable support by way of scoring, umpiring, and nursing the strains and pulled hamstrings!.


Concentrating on the Score
Tiger Woods Miller Kangaroo Four

Haka on Tour

NZIFCR has issued an invitation to India IFCR for its members to visit New Zealand during February-March 2009 to coincide with the Indian Test Team playing in New Zealand.  Our Indian members are keen supporters of the fellowship.  We will be calling on our members and Rotary Clubs to assist with hosting and accommodating our visitors, as well as supporting our local area teams in the games of cricket against India IFCR.  They will be keen to discuss projects with us.


Scorers More Runs
Keeping up with Work

NZIFCR Tour Group to Southern WA April 2008


For further information, please see http://www.rotarycricket.org and click on New Zealand.  If you would like to join and receive notice of future events, please fill out the membership application form on the website and send it to NZIFCRís Secretary John Dean at nzifcr@jdlo.co.nz