Dear Sarathy,
Our winter this year has been most strange. The flooded areas are slowly returning to normal and for those affected devastating, However the actual number of people affected was relatively few and perhaps blown out of proportion by our media in comparison to what happens in other countries of Europe and the World. Whilst in the Midlands we had a lot of rain, there was little flooding and in general we have had one of the mildest winters for some years, indeed I have already cut our lawns twice when normally I would not start cutting until April!
The Festival is coming together reasonably well and I will be forwarding more complete information later this week.
We have  273 registered which splits down to 178 players, 59 ladies and 36 non playing males.
There will be 14 teams - 7 from India, 3 from Australia, 1 from GB&I, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and a combined New Zealand/South African Team. We have 6 IFCR members from Pakistan and will supplement their team with players who are surplus to their own team on the day.
We have cricket being played on 6 pitches so 5 of the games will be of approximate 70 overs and on 1 pitch we will be playing two 20/20 games. For the non 20/20 matches it will be up to the captains to decide the overall length of the games dependant upon weather and as the week goes by fatigue, so some games may be as long as 80 overs/team. Transport by coach to the grounds will be provided.
Due to logistics and organisation it has been decided to play in National Teams for the 4 main cricket days, i.e Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On the Monday and Wednesday in particular each team from India will play a non Indian team. 
Man of the Match awards will be presented at the grounds following the match, it would take too long to do so back at the venue afterwards however there will be a brief half hour synopsis of the days games presented by 2 large GB&I members each evening.
At the Welcome Party on the Sunday Evening there will be a flag ceremony with each Nation's Flag being carried into the hall by ONE member of that country to its National Anthem being played by the Blidworth Community Brass Band. We will have a number of opening speeches including from The Lord Mayor of Nottingham in full ceremonial regalia, from RI Director Mike Webb, Local DG. We then have a two course Buffet menu followed by a speech by Faroak Engineer and the raffle of a signed bat, I believe by the current Indian Test team, the proceeds of which will go towards The Lord Mayors Charity Funds. The Rest of the evening will be Brass Bands and Fellowship.
Monday morning 9:15am a big group photo at the hotel. Those arriving at 9:16am because they took too long over breakfast will not be in it.
Coaches will leave for cricket each day commencing at 9:30am. Coaches will leave on time, those that miss the coach will have to walk or get a taxi at their own cost.
Monday evening will be a Fellowship event on the campus in the Rutland Hall of Residence Refectory with local Rotarians including a gymnastic display by the Flying Angels which is an organisation for disadvantaged youngsters in Nottingham. We may have to charge a small amount for the 1 course buffet we intend providing and details are still being finalised.
Tuesday sees a ladies day trip to Bakewell and then on to Chatsworth House where lunch will be taken. Cost will be £40/head which covers transport, lunch and entrance to one of the greatest historic houses in Britain
Tuesday Evening is free for individuals to explore Nottingham or stay on the campus.
Wednesday there will be visits, more details later this week, or the chance for those that want to play cricket on the the three pitches that will be available to us that day. Any cricket played will be on a "mixed team basis" and the number of overs subject to the number of teams. Visits and cricket on this day have not been included in the package prices so will be at additional costs.
IFCR AGM currently planned at 5:30pm
Wednesday Evening will feature a Welcome to Britain theme in the Rutland Hall of Residence Refectory. Morris Dancing and Robin Hood, Maid Marion and Friar Tuck will be in attendance. A two course buffet will be served and there will be an auction of cricketing memorabilia as has become the tradition. All donations of such for the Auction will be gratefully received with the proceeds going to local charities and other Rotarian good causes. Nottingham has some very poor areas and until recently suffered the highest amount of gun crime/ head of population and we are using the good direction of the Rotary Club of Nottingham to ensure that any money raised in the auction is used to maximum benefit.
Thursday Evening is up to the different countries to arrange their own National Dinners. I can assist if necessary.
Friday Evening will see the Farewell Dinner being a 3 course meal, a few speeches, and dancing to a wide variety of music - yes its party night!
As I have said many times we cannot compete with the fantastic Vapi experience with regards to entertainment, lighting, free drinks, music etc but we are planning to make it an enjoyable fellowship event for everyone. Each of the festivals I have been to has been different, and great, and hopefully so will be the 8th.
Saturday morning will see me on the steps of the venue waving you all a sad goodbye!
Wet weather will be the biggest problem however we are retaining 3 no 49 seater coaches each day and have contingency plans but unlikely to include indoor cricket. Everybody will have  access to the University Swimming Pool and Fitness centre which is close to the venue whether it is raining or not
Since we started planning this and set our dates the University has decided to have the same week as its Graduation Ceremony week so the number of people on campus will be high and facilities that would have been available should bad weather occur will be being used for ceremonies and functions, however with students graduating from around the world and their family's attending it does give us an opportunity to promote Rotary and IFCR.
There are plenty of shops, cash machines, fast food restaurants, pubs, etc within a 10 to 15minute walk and further details will be provided in the Festival booklet at time of Registration.
A little more patience please and further details will follow. Am copying this to all country organisers so that everybody has the same information.
Best regards