Eight players and four partners of the tour party met in Singapore by evening on the 1st July, 2013, staying two nights before moving on to the UK. This was an optional stop en route to the UK for some fellowship, sightseeing, shopping and getting to know one another, particularly those on their first tour.

Whilst in Singapore the group took the opportunity, on short notice, to arrange a game of cricket with the Ceylon Cricket Club.   A T20 game was arranged commencing 3.30pm on Tuesday 2nd July, 2013. The club also kindly provided two players for our team thus ensuring that we had a full side. The opposition players were somewhat younger than us being regular competition players. The game was played in good spirit, albeit through a rain shower, with the opposition understanding of the age difference and bowling accordingly. However when they batted they showed no mercy belting the ball out of the ground - three were lost on the street adjacent the ground.

CANNOCK.  (Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th July, 2013)

Cannock, England where twenty two of the tour group came together and the tour officially commenced. Here we were treated to some wonderful hosting, hospitality and fellowship in the true spirit of Rotary.

SWYNNERTON (Friday 5th July, 2013)

Game 1 - played on Lord Stafford's ground.  Weather conditions were fine with mid 20's temperature.  The Cannock team captain invited Australia to bat first on a well grassed but dryish pitch. After 35 overs Australia's innings closed at 5 for 167.

Best scores were Pooley 36 (ret), Robertson 35 (ret), Holden 20, Scanlon 22.  Best bowling for Cannock Brown 2/19

Cannock successfully chased down Australia's score with 2 overs to spare at 8 for 168.  Best scores for Cannock were Morgan 37 (ret), Dias 36 (ret), Ridgeway 32.    Best bowler for Australia was Scanlon 2/28, Pooley 2/20,

The highlight of the day was the luncheon prepared by the ladies. The loss could perhaps be put down to too many Aussies having too much to eat and drink during the lunch break. As the Cannock Innings progressed the Australian fielders appeared to tire and lose concentration being unable to close down the short singles being "milked" for the bowling.  However this is not to detract from the strong and consistent batting of the Cannock team who deserved their win.

Our objective to go through the tour undefeated was now in tatters and the pressure was off. From here on we could only look forward to improved performances as a team.

FORDINGBRIDGE  (Sunday 7th to Wednesday 9th July, 2013)

Game 2 was played on "Woodgreen" in the New Forest.   Weather conditions were fine with temperatures in the mid to high 20's.  A 30 over game was played in 4 sessions.  1st and 2nd sessions 20 overs, 3rd and 4th sessions 10 overs.

Australia batted 1st and 3rd sessions with Fordingbridge batting 2nd and 4th sessions.  Australia scored 9 for 152 and Fordingbridge responded with 9 for 124.  Best batting for Australia; Plant 30, Williams 27, Horsley 26.  Best bowling for Australia; Williams 3/5

Best batting for Fordingbridge; Broomfield 28, Jackson 22.  Best bowling for Fordingbridge;  White 2/15, Anstey 2/16

The highlight of the day was the setting.   "Woodgreen" is located in on the western edge of the New Forest.  The hospitality of the Fordingbridge Rotarians was exceptional with a full program of activities to keep us entertained. These included a return steam train ride to Swanage which included a visit to the surf rescue boat and lunch at the Swanage Yacht Club.

SOUTH WEST (Wednesday 10th to Saturday 13th July, 2013)

We departed from Fordingbridge at 11am by coach for Long Sutton arriving 12.30pm.

Game 3, a 20/20 game, was  played at Long Sutton Cricket Club.  Weather conditions were fine with temperatures mid to high 20's.

Australia was invited to bat first and scored 3 for 138.  Best batting for Australia; O'Shea 28 (ret), Dungey 25 (ret), Wiiliams 25 (ret).   Best bowling for Australia;  Horsley 3/5, Kilcullen 2/13

Somerset in response scored 9 for 102.  The highlight from the game was the three wickets in four balls by David Horsley.

LANGPORT, SOMERSET ( Wednesday 10th to Saturday 13th July, 2013).

Game 4 was played at Taunton Vale Cricket Club, Taunton (Home ground for Somerset 2nd XI) on Friday 12th July, 2013.  The weather was fine, temperature in the mid 20's.  This 35 over game started with Australia winning the  toss, electing to bat and scoring 6 for 206.

Best batting for Australia; Holden 38 (ret), Scanlon 35 (ret), Robertson 35 (ret) and best bowling for Australia; Scanlon 2/28; Holden 2/28, Williams 2/29m 

South West scored 10 for 179 Best batting for South West; Chedzey 36 (ret), Askin 30, Hughes 28 and best bowling for South West; Wyatt 2/19, Gillingham 1/8

EDINBURGH (Saturday 13th to Monday 15th July, 2013).

We departed from Langport by coach for Edinburgh at 0900hrs on Saturday arriving Edinburgh 1900 hrs. It was a long day of travelling.   Subsequent to that were two nights spent in Edinburgh for R&R and some sight seeing.

FORFAR/ KERRIEMUIR (Monday 14th to Thursday 18th July, 2013).

Game 5 was played at Strathmore Cricket Club on Tuesday 16th July, 2013.  The weather was fine and sunny with temperature in high 20's.

In our 35 over game  Australia was invited to bat first and scored 8 for 173 at the conclusion of their 35 overs.

Best batting for Australia; Plant 35(ret), Dungey 31, O'Shea 31 and best bowling for Australia; Williams 3/10, O'Shea 3/11, Pooley 2/18, Manser 2/40

The Scottish team in reply scored 12 for 143 with best batting  Scanlon 37(ret), Sampson 16.  Best bowling for Scotland; Keily 2/39, Scanlon 1/24, Hopkins 1/24.

BOURNE (Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st July, 2013.

Game 6 for the Rotary Ashes was played on Abbey Green, Bourne on Friday 19th July, 2013 in fine and sunny weather with a temperature in high 20's.

For this 35 over game GB&I won the toss and invited Australia to bat.  Australia scored 8 for 197 at the conclusion of their 35 overs.

Best batting for Australia; Holden 36(ret), O'Shea 36 (ret), Scanlon 35(ret), Dungey 34.  Best bowling for Aistralia; Kilcullen 1/5, Horsley 1/16, Williams 1/18, Pooley 1/19, Manser 1/23.

GB&I replied with 6 for 130.  Best batting for GB&I; S Patchet 37(ret), Wilkins 27, Randall 18.  Best bowling for GB&I; S Patchet 2/26, Brown 2/31, Soni 1/15, Randall 1/16, W Patchet 1/38.


Game 7 was played at the Billericay Cricket Club in fine and sunny weather, temperature in low 30's.

For this 40 over game Australia won toss and batted.  At the conclusion of their 40 overs the score was 8 for 201.

Best batting for Australia; Holden 40 (ret), Kilcullen 27, Manser 26 n.o.  Best bowling for Australia; O'Shea 3/20, Scanlon 2/6

Essex replied with 7 for 164 at the conclusion of their 40 overs.  Best batting for Essex; Earl 40(ret), Southwell 42 (ret), Randall 26 n.o.  Best bowling for Essex; Santosh 2/31, Southgate 2/39, Paternoster 2/49.


After GB&I president, Norman Brown, spoke at the first game at Swynerton it was agreed by the tour party that all funds collected through fines etc. would be donated to the Rotary Clubs of Bourne and Bourne St Peters’ joint project to purchase a new kiln for Senses.

Senses is an organisation in Bourne which looks after and provides services for people born deaf and/or blind.  Some of them may also be suffering  other forms of disability. Whilst in Bourne some of the tour party visited the Senses centre and reported back just how worthwhile were our efforts to raise funds towards the kiln project was and injected a greater enthusiasm for it.

An initial fundraising target for the tour of £500 was set at Swynerton.   After the Bourne visit a fresh, unspecified, target was set by Sergeant at Arms Arthur Manser - only Arthur knew the target.

After the Ashes game in Bourne Arthur decided to raffle his "baggy green" cap with the funds raised to go towards the tour fund raising effort.  The cap was won by Dave Randall from the Billericay Cricket Club.

After the game at Billericay Dave spoke of the tour party's fundraising and the cause to which the funds would go. The "baggy green" was taken around the gathering and further donations were given.  As a result of Arthur's initiative to raffle his cap a sum  in excess of £500 was raised.

In the end a total of £1100 was raised by the tour party.  During the final night dinner, before the tour party dispersed to make their various ways home, these funds were handed to Norman Brown to pass on to the Rotary Clubs of Bourne and Bourne St Peters to be put towards their kiln project at Senses.

Again IFCR has assisted in a worthwhile project.  A tour is not all about cricket and fellowship.  While enjoying the cricket and fellowship there is time to do what Rotary does and that is to help those who are less fortunate and unable to enjoy the pleasures of life we as Rotarians do.