December 2, 2012

It was my my pleasure and honour to take part in the Hyderabad All India cricket festival between November 22 and November 25.  This festival had the dual objectives of playing cricket games and contributing to Rotary's polio eradication campaign.

This festival was the first one which involved teams from right across the country and abroad - previous festivals having been on a more limited basis.

Competing teams were from Sri Lanka, Bengaluru, Pune, Gujarat, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Vijayawada, Hyderabad and Sucunderabad. Twenty over games were played at three grounds, Railways, the Secunderabad Club and the Venkatapathy Raju ground on each of three days.

A competitive spirit was in evidence in all games leading to some close results.  Most teams won either one or two of their three games, Bengaluru being the only team to win all three games.  The closeness was evidenced by the fact that each of Bengaluru's wins was by no more than 12 runs  .Bengaluru were declared the best team of the festival. Vijayawada were declared the second best team by virtue of better net run rate having finished with equal points at second place along with three other teams namely Pune,Mumbai and Sri Lanka. 

 The teams assemble for a customary Introduction at Sec' Bad Club Grounds.              Game in progress at RRC grounds.

A special feature at the festival was the Ability Unlimited Night.  This included an outstanding display by young people with disabilities and also a segment emphasising the polio campaign.  Prior to this display the festival was graced by the presence of RI president Sakuji Tanaka who met each competing team separately and was photographed with its members.  The world president also made several memento presentations to various persons involved with the festival.

Members of the Festival Organising commiitee with RI President and RI Officials.          Ability Unlimited group in action


Another highlight of the evening was the presentation by Vipul Patel Chair IFCR India and Agam Rao, Chair IFCR 3150 of a cheque for USD 30,000 for End Polio on behalf of IFCR.

 IPRIP Kalyan Banerjee meeting Richard and IFCR India officilas(Vipul,Sarathy,Nandu Shenoy &Ravi).   Agam& Karthic presenting IFCR festival match balls as mementos to RI President Sakuji Tanaka, the first lady of Rotary and also DG TVR Murthy of RI 3150. 

There will be another festival along the lines of Hyderabad held in Chennai between February 21 and February 24, 2013.

No report of this Hyderabad festival would be complete without acknowledgment of the organisers in the six local Rotary clubs and, specially, Rotarians Agam Rao and Sarathy and their committee.

(Richard Groom)











 The following brief has been received from  the district head of IFCR 3150, Hyderabad with the details regarding conduct of an all India IFCR festival in November 2012 as approved by IFCR India.All the interested clubs/districts with bonafide IFCR affliation may contact Rtn.Agam Rao or Rtn.Jony Lawrence of IFCR 3150, Hyderabad and confirm their entries.

Rtn..KRP Sarathy,


Dy.Chair, IFCR India.



                                             ALL INDIA IFCR FESTIVAL AT HYDERABAD  NOVEMBER 2012



 IFCR – District 3150 is organizing a cricket festival – “Cricket for Education” under the auspices of IFCR India from the evening of the 22nd November (Thursday) through the 25th of November 2012 (Sunday) at Hyderabad.  The festival will be officially inaugurated on 22nd November (Thursday) around 7pm and the last match will played until the evening of 25th November (Sunday). 

This festival will comprise of eight (8) teams divided among two pools and each team playing a minimum 3 games.  The matches will be of 25 overs per side in very good grounds at Hyderabad and all Rotarians will be hosted in a star rated hotel.  The cost of this event has been set at a nominal Rs. 15,000 (approx. $275) per participant. This will include the following 


1.      Accommodation for 3 nights (22nd evening to 25th evening) 

2.      Breakfast on all days 

3.      Lunch on all days 

4.      Two Dinners 

5.      Airport Pick Up & Drop 

6.      Transportation to Matches 

7.      Fellowship post match presentation


This festival will be conducted by IFCR – District 3150 with the support of 4 – 5 clubs, all coming together for a common cause.  We also intend to reach out to some sponsors and the proceeds will be spent for an Education Project. The Convener for this festival will be Rtn. Agam Rao and I shall be the Co - Convener.


The timing of the festival has been also designed to be conducted at the best of times, off all Indian festivals and also during the best of the temperatures.  The usual temperature around November is about 20 – 25 degrees (Celsius). Connectivity to Hyderabad is also very convenient from all parts of the world.