Fellowship was again the winner at the Vapi/Daman 2012 World Festival from Sunday February 19 to Friday February 24.   All the attendees enjoyed the week's activities either to renew friendships with colleagues not seen for two years or more or, for  first time attenders, to take the opportunity to sample the rewards to be had in our International Fellowship of Cricketing Rotarians.

Twelve teams participated - six from India, two from Australia, one each from Great Britain and Ireland, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Pakistan.

This festival was special insofar as it was held in Vapi which is the home city and Rotary club of the serving RI president, Kalyan Banerjee.

Country representatives and IFCR dignitaries at the opening.

Some of the visiting Rotarians had the opportunity to visit two special projects which had been instituted by Kalyan Banerjee and PDG Vishnu Patel with their own momey in the early 1970s.  The private school and the public hospital had each started in a small way and grown now to be major institutions endowed to a large extent by generous local Rotarians.

The Namakkal Super Kings from Chennai took part in the festival for the first time.  This team was one of several, all of whose members belong to the same Rotary club.

Many of the participants were accommodated at the Mirasol Resort which served also as the site for the opening ceremony and the Wednesday dinner and auction as well as the final dinner. 

Many items were offered for sale at the auction with the standout items being cricket bats.  One of these was signed by Sir Donald Bradman and the other was signed by Mark Taylor, former Australian captain, and Bradman.   Substantial proceeds were raised for local charities.

The twelve teams each played 4 games.  There were 2 games each day of 35 overs and 4 games of 25 overs. The same four grounds were used for the entire week.

Mike Jackson is a study in concentration.

The off-field activities in the evenings were well organised and approved by all.   After starting with the opening ceremony which featured the usual flag procession and splendid Indian dancing plus a special guest in past Indian cricketer, Vinod Kambli, the closing ceremony included an address by the newly-inaugurated IFCR president Kittu.

The Annual General Meeting of IFCR saw David Horsley and Graeme Amoore retire from their respective positions as chairman and secretary of IFCR.  Kittu and K. Sridharan (both Chennai) were the new office holders.  John Dean (New Zealand) took over as Deputy Chairman from Kittu.    Vipul Patel became the India delegate to the Board in place of Ravi Raman.

The festival would not have taken place had it not been for the superb organising abilities of Vipul Patel, Ketan Patel and Bharat Gajjar.  Congratulations to them.