Strath Creek Charity Day 2011

Sunday October 30, 2011 dawned in Melbourne with persistent drizzle.  That did not stop a band of intrepid Rotarians gathering at Don McQueen’s ground by 10.30am in the hope of having a cricket game.

The starting time of 11am came and went as the light rain persisted.  Fellowship between IFCR members, wives and partners, however, continued unabated.
A new method of covering the wicket against the wind.

Around 12.30pm there was still no possibility of play as the outfield was wet from many hours of continuous damp.   It was at this time that Margaret Smith (CEO of the Children First Foundation, our charity beneficiary) arrived with 4 or 5 carers and about 10 of the young children who are at the CFF Kilmore farm being in varying stages of their hospital treatment.
Some of the Children First patients.
These brave youngsters from a range of countries such as Albania, Palestine, Vanuatu and New Guinea are in Australia for corrective surgery on their various problems such as burns, facial disfigurements, tumours etc.

David Anderson, the district governor of D9790 acknowledged the work of IFCR in supporting the Children First Foundation.  He also emphasised the value of fellowships such as IFCR in providing a platform for networking and supporting grant projects with colleagues in the fellowship.

The raffle conducted by Ann McQueen in aid of the work of the Children First Foundation was successful to the point where Margaret Smith was presented with a cheque for $500.

It was unfortunate that no play was possible as many members had travelled long distances to be present.  Examples of this are Robert and Sally Brigden who flew from Adelaide on the day, John and Annette Flynn who had driven their caravan down from Wagga in southern New South Wales and Robert and Denise Queale who were doing the two way trip from Horsham in Western Victoria in the one day.

Others such as Bob and Sandra Webster had come from Nowra, south of Sydney, while Kevin Scanlon had driven down many hours from Albury.

While it was a pity that no cricket was possible, the fellowship on display made up for it adequately.