IFCR President
David Horsley 


 New Zealand 

Secretary: John Hannah

Treasurer: Geoff Atkinson

Board Members: 
Mike Lucas, Gary Masters






New Zealand International Fellowship of
Cricket Loving Rotarians

Secretary: John Hannah
21 Richmond Avenue,
New Zealand
Ph: Hm  +643 548 4492
Ph: M    +64 21 480 146


 North-South Weekend 8-10 April 2011

As at 17 January 2011


Friday 8th April

·       Players arrive in Hamilton

·       Visit to Horse Stud ( for Australians and those kiwis present)?

·       1900    Informal meal,  at venue tba


Saturday 9th April

·        11:00 Games at St Pauls (time tbc)

-        Planks/Local Rotarians  v   NZIFCR 

-        Australian IFCR  v  NZIFCR

·       19:00 Formal dinner, at venue tba


Sunday 10th April

·       09:00    NZIFCR AGM   (time and venue to be confirmed)

·       10:00    Games at St Pauls

-         Hamilton Planks  v  IFCR

-        North Island NZ IFCR v  South Island NZIFCR

·       17:00    Informal windup and disperse    


Note:  ‘Planks’ is a group of local cricketers who play in Golden Oldies.  It includes some Rotarians.

If you are joining in this weekend please send confirmation details  to NZIFCR Secretary John Hannah
by clicking on this link NZIFCR Secretary John Hannah