February 23, 2011

Organiser, Don McQueen (RC of Yea), had two main objectives in mind when he set about arranging the inaugural IFCR tour to Tasmania.  He wanted to thank the Rotarians of Scottsdale and, by extension, the farmers of that area for their support to the farmers of Central Victoria in the aftermath of the February 09 bushfires. In addition Don wanted to build IFCR membership in Tasmania to the point where teams could be assembled to take part in national and international Rotary cricket carnivals.

A party of 23 arrived in Devonport on February 12, 2011.  The members were: David Breusch, Bryan Fulcher (Jan), Richard Groom, John Hamblin (Janet),  David Horsley (Jan), Steve Macdonald, Barry McClure (Rosemary), Don McQueen (Anne), Bruce Pooley, Robert Queale (Denise), Ian Robertson, John Sheldrick (Maxine), Dennis Wade (Nola) and Bob Webster (Sandra).

Home hosting was the order of the day in each of our four localities, Devonport, Westbury, Scottsdale and Hobart. 

The official framed photo

At Westbury oval there was a recognition of our members, David Horsley and Robert Queale, who were playing their 100th game of Rotary cricket.

Non playing days were spent with a mixture of travelling and visiting local cultural sites.  Examples of this, as the group passed through Launceston, were visits to the spectacular Cataract Gorge and Boag’s Brewery.

Visitors at Boag's Brewery

Fine weather greeted all four matches except for a short delay occasioned at Scottsdale by some light drizzle.

As Scottsdale was the central focus it was the obvious choice as the site for a special function attended by members of the local and visiting teams along with other Scottsdale Rotarians.   Yea and local golfers also attended after their day’s competition. Highlights were a poetry recitation by Don McQueen of C J Dennis-type Australian material, some singing by the Forefathers (RC of Yea members) and a deadpan comedy routine by Willy the Worker.

More of ‘Ode to Scottsdale’ following on from the Yea visit of October ‘09 (sung to the tune of Galway Bay).

We have crossed the sea and now we’re back in Tassie

At a pretty place called Scottsdale on the isle

All the people that you meet are so friendly

They always greet you with the biggest smile


And the reason we returned, it must be stated

You won two trophies from us when in Yea

One trophy was for golf, the other cricket

We’d like to take them back if that’s ok


Now we know you won and thought it very clever

And to our face it even brings a grin

Your teams were loaded only with professionals

There was no bloody way that we could win


So we’ve brought two teams with us for the rematch

But sadly they are headed for defeat

‘Cos our golfers hit the ball more than they ought to

And our cricketers are called ‘the Easybeats’


So today we’re here to say it doesn’t matter

It’s true you know we really do not mind

For we’d rather raise a glass to mates in Scottsdale

True friends like you are hard to find

Excellent fellowship with local team members and home hosts ensured that the tour was a great success.

The cricket played resulted in two wins and two losses to the visiting team.

Cricket Scores

Game 1 - IFCR 4 for 182 (Pooley, Macdonald, Scanlon and Wade all retired at 30+)  Devonport (Mike Kelly 2 for 14)

             Devonport 9 for 149 (Richard Barnard, Rockie Lee retired at 30+)   IFCR (Queale 3 for 8, Fulcher 2 for 28)

Game 2 - Westbury 7 for 125 (Dominic Barrett, Ellis Shaw retired at 30+)  IFCR (Pooley 2 for 4, Fulcher 2 for 12 and McClure 2 for 12)

             IFCR 10 for 108 (Wade retired at 30+) Westbury ( mark Shelton 2 for 9 and John Cordell 2 for 19)

Game 3   Scottsdale 5 for 185 (Steve Nicolls, Mike Walsh, Adam Hall and Roger Towns all retired at 30+)  IFCR (Pooley 2 for 19)

             IFCR 8 for 118 (Fulcher and Scanlon retired at 30+)  Scottsdale (Jon Lette 2 for 21)

Game 4   Hobart 5 for 148   IFCR (Pooley 3 for 8)

             IFCR 9 for 151 (Pooley, McClure retired at 30+) Hobart (Geoff Clow 2 for 12,Mike Gandy 2 for 25)



Don McQueen tells how bushfire relief led to a cricket match

A very short time after the bushfires of Black Saturday, Feb 7,2009 the Rotary Club of Scottsdale in Tasmania began sending to our fire-ravaged region, via the RC of Yea, semi trailer loads of hay, all donated by local Scottsdale farmers.

In total 35 semi trailer loads were sent.  The hay was gathered from about 60 different farms, loaded, and then driven 200 km to Devonport then driven onto the ferry which crosses Bass Strait to the Port of Melbourne, then driven off the ferry and up to the Yea area.  The RC of Scottsdale negotiated a heavily discounted ferry cost and carried the truck transport cost as well.

Terry Hubbard of the Yea club was the 'go to' man who arranged and supervised the distribution to local farmers who had lost their paddocks in the fire.

As Don himself had sheep and cattle here at this time, he was a recipient of fodder from the first load with the animals being sold shortly after.

This first load was accompanied by Rtn John Lette from RC Scottsdale who was the mastermind of the project.   He accompanied Terry and a couple of others from the Yea club and came here with this first delivery.

Shortly after, John, his wife and another Rotarian Peter Partridge, and his wife attended a meeting at the Yea Club. Peter also happens to be the Mayor of Scottsdale. Their club has 36 members and is an active and strong club.

They were home hosted during their stay.

This meeting brought together the two clubs on a more formal and friendly basis and both clubs promised that future contact would be maintained.

For the last couple of years, Anne and Don have ventured to Launceston to take in a Hawthorn Football Club match and Don contacted John Lette and, as a result, Don was invited to attend the RC of Scottsdale meeting as guest speaker, which he did and recited a few poems for them as well. Don discovered that the Scottsdale club has five members of the Rotary Golfing Fellowship, including both John and Peter but no Cricketing Fellowship members.

Anne and Don were their guests for two days and the Scottsdale hospitality was fantastic with the guests even being driven around by John and Dianne for a tour of their area.

It seemed that every farm that was passed, John would say, 'that farmer donated hay'.   It was quite amazing.

Because of Don's obvious interest in cricket, Peter Partridge arranged for Anne and Don to have morning coffee with a local cricket identity who was the president of the Scottsdale Foresters, a cricket loving group of over 50's members.

They play local tours around Tassie of like minded souls, and Peter suggested a match to be played at Strath Creek in October to be met with warm approval.

The idea has now expanded. The Yea Board, through its President, Rtn Rodney Ridd wrote to the RC of Scottsdale to invite them to visit Yea and surrounds to coincide with the cricket match.  The idea is to invite local recipients of the fodder to the luncheon of the match, and they could meet those who helped them and their stock in the Bushfire Recovery

Cricketers and farmers join together at Strath Creek

The match was played at the Hume and Hovell Cricket Ground on Saturday 24 October. 

Don tells how IFCR helped the Kinglake Junior Cricket Club overcome its February loss.

The International Fellowship of Cricketing Rotarians presented everything needed to get the Kinglake Junior Cricket Club up and running for the coming season after losing all their facilities, equipment and uniforms in the February Black Saturday bushfires at a recent meeting of the Rotary Club of Yea.

The IFCR have 220 members Australia wide.

'We might be ageing' quipped secretary Graeme Amoore at the presentation, 'but we are all still very competitive. The Fellowship was formed in 1993, and besides our normal Rotary projects we have many of our own projects.'

'We hold regional, national and international games and have raised money to assist disadvantaged women, orphanages and aids victims. Last year we contributed $20,000 to indigenous health and ten thousand pounds to the Rotary Polio eradication campaign.'

'Our members felt that it was appropriate this year to assist bushfire-affected communities. We were alerted to the plight of the Kinglake Junior Cricket Club, who lost everything in February bushfires, by local cricketing Rotarian Don McQueen, and we are here tonight to present to the Kinglake junior  cricketers these two complete kits for the under 12's and the under 14 players as well as a cheque for $300 to go into club funds.'

Ken Aitken, Tony Gibbs,John McKendrie, all from Kinglake Cricket Club, IFCR Secretary Graeme Amoore and PP of IFCR Don McQueen, RC of Yea

The two huge cricket bags were overflowing with bats, balls, pads, gloves, stumps, helmets, protectors, umpire counters, scorebooks and 60 new green and gold cricket caps suitably embroidered with 'Kinglake Junior Cricket Club'

A total of $2,000 worth of new, quality equipment was presented to the president of the Kinglake Cricket Club, John McKendrie. John thanked Graeme and the IFCR for such a wonderful donation which would enable the club to start the coming season with all the equipment they will need.

'It will be a great morale booster for the junior teams and they will  all be proud to wear their new caps as they go out to play.'