Keeping with the wonderful and laudable tradition of IFCR Rotary Cricket Festivals,which seems to have been conceptualised  by true sportsman Rotarians, there are no Victors and Losers in these competitions.The games are designed and planned in  such a way that everyone playing the game gets an oppurtunity to showcase whatever skills they have in the limited time they are allowed on the field.
It has been a sensational start for IFCR 3150 team in the Bundaberg Cricket festival hosted by IFCR Australia,which commenced in Bundaberg near Brisbane from 13th Oct 08 after the wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable pre festival fellowship cricket tour  of Cairns and Northern Quensland country side ( Innisfail and Mission Beach ) from 4th to 10th Oct 08 by couple of members of RID 3150 team (Rtn.Agam,Rtn.Karthic,Rtn.Nadeem and yours truly Rtn.Sarathy ) along with IFCR Chennai and IFCR Newzealand teams.
A causal and well attended opening cermony was organised at the Civic
on the night of 12th Oct
... attended by more than 115 rotarian cricketers - 10 teams from Australia, One from Hyderabad, Chennai and New Zealand each...
After first two games (where Team RI 3150 from Hyderabad AP was fielded as one representative team and creditably remained unbeaten ) the third and fourth day of the Festival saw games being played by Mixed Teams,giving an oppurtunity for the Cricketing Rotarians from different clubs/districts/countries to mix and play,which is an ample evidence of how these fellowship tours bring them together to further the bonding and commarderie across the Rotary World.  
The  Australian Cricket Festival came to an end, with a well organised closing function on the night of 16th Oct,where each team raised toast to the other which was greatly heart warming reflecting the abundant bondage and brotherhood the IFCR Cricket fellowships stand for. Long live IFCR !!!!!!   
The following members of RID 3150 from Hyderabad (AP) represented the team which toured Down Under.
Rtn.Vishal Srivastav (Captain),         Rtn.Agam Rao                 Rtn.JS Patel
Rtn.Manish Sharma                         Rtn.Karthik Godavarthy     Rtn.Venugopal
Rtn.Anil Goyal                                   Rtn.Nadeem                           Rtn.Surya
Rtn.Sreedhar                               ( all from RC Hyd North)     ( all from RC Ameerpet)
Rtn.Ajay G.
(All from RC Sunrise)
Rtn.KRP SARATHY,Dist Chair (RR &VF) and Convenore IFCR AP State accompanied the team as playing member and TEAM LEADER.