IFCR Sri Lanka News

February 14, 2012

 Recent projects working with various communities

 SL members of IFCR  have been involved in working with some of the local Rotary clubs to do projects and provide funding.

One of these activities was providing sports equipment to under privileged rural schools and community service projects such as providing school books and other school requirements to under privileged children.

In addition members also were involved in providing spectacles to the needy.

Over 1500 school children benefited from the donation of  equipment to several schools and all these children were under privileged and from rural schools in Sri Lanka.

School books and other school requirements were given to over 500 under privileged children mainly in the suburbs of Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka.

A 'donation of spectacles' project also benefited about 500 people who live in the slum areas in the north of Colombo city.

Also in the planning stage is another project which would be a health camp for people who do not have access to medical care. This may take place towards the middle of this year.


September 2007

  New IFCR Website

Welcome to the new IFCR website.  Building on the tremendous work by Richard Groom in developing the original site, the new Mk III version is being managed by Robert Lee in New Zealand, with Richard Groom continuing to handle all the Australian section, Euan Stirrat editing for GB&I, Rtn.Sarathy for India and John Dean for New Zealand.  Editors for the other countries are yet to be appointed.  Richard will also deal with most of the International input.

The new site can handle scores, statistics and databases, which will run on Robert Lee's systems.  It is a decision for each member country as to whether or not to publish detailed scores

The new website allows greater flexibility and will be extended to include more information than ever before.  However, we gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Rotarian Andrew Donald of www.motile.net in designing, developing and hosting earlier versions of the site, without which the new site might not exist.

It will also tie in with the Yahoo! Group (contact Ravi to join).  Members who wish to keep up to date are encouraged to join the group