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November 5, 2012

Adelaide Festival in October, 2012

The Kensington Cricket Club was the main venue for the 2012 Australian Rotary cricket festival.   Three excellent grounds at the club were used for two days of cricket.  Two other separate areas in the parklands adjacent to the city (each with two adjoining grounds) were used on the other days of the festival.

Pradeep with Norman and Liz

The Kensington club is famous for being the home club of Sir Donald Bradman.  If fact his name appears on the honour board as having won the club batting average for 6 years consecutively from 1935-36.  Many other well known international and state cricketers feature on this board also.  Clarrie Grimmett, John Inverarity and  Terry Jenner are amongst the internationals featured.

The international component at Adelaide was much enhanced compared with other recent national festivals.  Six IFCR members travelled from Mumbai, three from Chennai, three from New Zealand plus Norman Brown from England. 

Four teams competed against each other on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in 35 over games while Thursday saw mixed teams also playing 35 over games.

Fellowship, as usual, was the best part of the week.   Meeting old friends from the various areas plus making new friends ensured the success of the week.

Ravi and his boys

The final dinner heard Ben Hook give an entertaining talk based on his wide experience of reporting the game for many years.   Another feature of the final dinner was the awarding of a recognition to Graeme Amoore on achieving the milestone of 100 IFCR games.   Other recognitions for Outstanding Service to Australian IFCR were made to Graeme Amoore, Bob Brigden, Richard Groom, David Horsley, Don McQueen and Ian Petherick.

The basis of this award system was established by the Board in 2011.   The Outstanding Service award requires that a member qualify under three of the following five criteria:

  Service on the Board at national and/or international level
  Being the organiser of internal festivals or international tours
  Participation in many internal festivals and international tours
  Other activities such as preparing newsletters, maintaining the Website etc
  Beng the instigator of extension of IFCR either within Australia or overseas

Associated tours were conducted to Hahndorf and the Adelaide hills and also to Victor Harbor and the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Organiser Bob Brigden and his assistants are to be congratulated for providing an excellent festival.  Thanks also to the Busselton Men's Shed members who provided the David Johns Trophy.


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 New IFCR Website

Welcome to the new IFCR website.  Building on the tremendous work by Richard Groom in developing the original site, the new Mk III version is being managed by Robert Lee in New Zealand, with Richard Groom continuing to handle all the Australian section, Euan Stirrat editing for GB&I, Rtn.Sarathy for India and John Dean for New Zealand.  Editors for the other countries are yet to be appointed.  Richard will also deal with most of the International input.

The new site can handle scores, statistics and databases, which will run on Robert Lee's systems.  It is a decision for each member country as to whether or not to publish detailed scores

The new website allows greater flexibility and will be extended to include more information than ever before.  However, we gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Rotarian Andrew Donald of in designing, developing and hosting earlier versions of the site, without which the new site might not exist.

It will also tie in with the Yahoo! Group (contact Ravi to join).  Members who wish to keep up to date are encouraged to join the group