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IFCR World Festival, Durban, South Africa - February 2010

15 GB&I Rotarians flew the flag in Durban for the 6th world festival.

Stawarts such as Mike Gillingham, Mike Jackson and Gerald Anderson were joined by new kids on the block like Paul "the Burnley Basher" Walsh and Rupert Cox for what was a most succesful festival at which the young guns from India swept all before them including the first match that took place in the shadow of the Sharks rugby stadium.

An early finish against the Indians meant that the GB&I squad could make good use of the bar facilities and enjoy the African hospitality to the full, as witnessed above - even the photographer had a shaky hand!

The private encounter between the old Ashes "enemies" resulted in a win for Australia, so the least said about this match the better, although a sterling piece of fielding by Gerald and his shins resulted in the resulting being closer that first imagined

GB&I faired better against the hosts from South Africa as they sneaked home by 10 runs. A reverse sweep for 6 from Rupert Cox was noted in dispatches as showing off, and was ignored in favour of his abysmal bowling figures. The result of the contest was in fact irrelevant, as with all the best cricket matches, the lunchtime refreshments were something to behold.

Vapi in 2012 - Bring it on!

The Rotary Ashes 2009

"The Rotary Ashes" teams at Harbourne

The Australian Rotary party toured the UK from 16 June until 11 July 2009.  There were many new tourists among the party, and their performances on the field were such that they won all but one game, the exception being a surprise defeat by the North of Scotland team at Forfar.  They very comfortably beat the GB&I team for the Rotary Ashes at Harbourne, Birmingham on Tuesday 23 June.

The match at Harbourne coincided with the RI Conference in Birmingham, so many IFCR members from all parts of the world helped out at the IFCR stand at the Conference, and came to Harbourne to participate in a match against another GB&I team.

The Aussies' venture north of the border, for the first time, coincided with the best of the summer, and their visit was much enjoyed by the hosts in the two venues in Scotland

South Africa tour of England - 14th – 28th June 2008.

The South African tourists' first stop was at Bourne in Lincolnshire where Norman Brown and his colleagues looked after them, then onwards to Newport in Shropshire where David Askin and team did the same.  They joined the GB&I annual festival at Weston-Super-Mare before finishing at Somerton in Somerset, organised by Lynne Gillingham.  The "Test Match" against GB&I resulted in a convincing victory for the home team. 

Although they only had ten Rotarian cricketers from South Africa they brought along New Zealand guest Bruce Heather and another a couple of players.

They, together with eight wives/partners, had a wonderful time and we have had nothing but praise from them for the arrangements. Without exception they enjoyed the countryside, the towns, the food and drink, the hospitality and most importantly the time given by Rotarians to be with them sharing their homes and their lifestyles.
They would like to reciprocate our hospitality, possibly on a mini tour of 5-7 days after (or before) the Festival in Durban, perhaps heading down to the Cape.

Tour to New Zealand February/March 2008

GB&I  163-7  (30 overs) .  S Williamson  33 ret.  C Rudge 30 ret.  D Worker 31 ret
Auckland  165-2 (29 overs)
Mount Manganui
GB&I  156 (40 overs). S Williamson 40 ret.
Mount Manganui  158-7 (37 overs)  R Sperring 3-9 M Gillingham 2-36

New Plymouth
New Plymouth  166 (40 overs)  M Gillingham 3-13
GB&I 160 (40 overs)   S Williamson 30 ret.  D Askin 30 ret   D Worker 30 ret.

IFCR Australia/NZ  169-7 (40 overs) M Quinn 2-35  M Jackson 2-33  D Worker 2-27
GB&I 159 (40 overs)  S Williamson 40 ret.  C Rudge 41 ret .
GB&I  183-7  (40 overs)  M Jackson 43 ret.
IFCR NZ 184-7 (39.2 overs)  M Jackson 3-14

Ashburton 119 (40 overs)  D Askin 3-2  C Rudge 2-12
GB&I 120-5 (28 overs)  D Worker 39 ret.

Wellington 197-4  (40 overs)
GB&I  179-8  D Worker 41 ret

Tour Averages
Batting                      M               I             NO               R                   A

D Williamson            5               5              4              169             169.00
D Worker                    7               7              4              158              52.66
M Jackson                  7               7              2              124              24.80
C Rudge                     7               7              2              103              20.60
D Askin                       7                6              2               76               19.00
M Quinn                      6                6              1               72               14.40
D Phillips                   4                4              0               44                11.00
M Gillingham             6                6              0               60                10.00
D Hutchinson            6               6               2               36                  9.00
G Anderson                7               6              0               49                   8.15
R Sperring                  7               7              0               46                   7.57
T Bailey                     7               7              2               30                     6.00

Bowling               O              R             W          BB            Avg             Econ
R Sperring         19             81             4         3-9          20.25             4.26
M Gillingham     25          102             5        3-13          20.40            4.08
M Jackson         38            186             9       3-14          20.66            5.89
D Askin              31            107             5         3-2          21.40             3.45
M Quinn             15             93              4        2-35          23.25            6.20
C Rudge            44           157             4       2-12          39.25             3.56
D Phillips            8             43              1       1-11          43.00             5.37
D Hutchinson   30          129              3        1-20          43.00            4.30
D Worker           29          135              4        2-27          43.75            4.65
T Bailey               9             54             1         1-11           54.00            6.00

SOUTH AFRICA – February / March 2006
In February ./ March 2006 a GB&I team enjoyed a memorable tour of South Africa. Unfortunately, the wonderful scenery and excellent hospitality were both of a standard higher than our performances on the cricket field. However, it was an excellent rehearsal for the World Festival to be held in SA in 2009.

CHENNAI September 2006 

In September, a team visited Chennai, India, and played three matches against regional Rotary teams from Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Once again, the younger ages of many of the Indian players gave them an edge, although a 6’6” 27 year old fast bowler from Bangalore proved fast off the bat! Despite the heat, our batsmen generally enjoyed the flat wickets, but the bowlers had problems containing some big-hitting Indian batsmen.

The men of the match against Bangalore were the ground staff, who produced a playable field after an overnight monsoon

The team also visited some school and Tsunami-relief projects organised by Chennai Rotarians, and both IFCR GB&I and clubs of some of the team members will be providing support for these projects